Live Tweeting Redemption? But not really

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This is round two of my live-tweeting analysis, and not only am I a few months older,  I am also a few months wiser: I would love to think so, at least. With a chance of redemption at attempting to become a ‘Twitter Star’, I am disappointed to share that my breakthrough did not occur. This time, however, I stuck to what I knew worked and gained interactions through experiencing and analysing my first attempt, although it does seem that this half of the semester my interactions and engagements on Twitter dropped in comparison to the first half. This could be caused by several reasons, such as other students potentially becoming less motivated to continue and keep up with the demand of interactions the second-time around, or due to myself not being as motivated to produce the same quality or quantity of tweets. Lastly, I perhaps could have lost my touch of being funny (I highly doubt the latter).

Each week I strived to produce more quality tweets, rather than a spamming of various insignificant ones in-between the more important information. Using GIF’s from the movie and making a funny comment or reference of it consistently seemed a good way to gain interactions within the BCM325 hashtag. After completing several of these tweets, within the course of both halves of the semester I can confidently say these tweets created the most traffic and engagement to my feed, likely as it facilitated a space for interactions when the dialogue somewhat resonated with the audience or was deemed ‘relatable’ by my peers. I also found these tweets the most enjoyable to create and almost felt a sense of pride when they were tweeted, let alone re-tweeted or liked. Below I have compiled a series of tweets to which I applied this process, as it demonstrates these were the tweets that gained the most engagement.

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Another aspect from the first round of live tweeting which I enjoyed, and sensed that my peers found of interest also, was researching facts and interesting theories about the movies. As someone who is highly interested in theories or other’s interpretations of the movie, I found it interesting to consider what fandoms and viewers may think as well. An example of this would be my Matrix thread, where I shared peoples theories about The Matrix having a satanic theme throughout (see slide show below). Whilst I found this article highly interesting, it did not gain much traction, much to my surprise; alternatively, when I shared interesting behind the scene facts about Blade Runner 2049 that gained more interaction. Regarding this, I believe that timing is key to have successful interactions on Twitter, and that timing is compromised to an extent when there are several other students competing for those interactions on the same hashtag.

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Upon reflection, one thing I think my live-tweeting process was lacking was my integration and interactions to informative tweets. I struggled to involve myself in threads that sparked my interest and to post my opinion and therefore I think my live tweeting experience was missing a key interactive process.

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Conclusively, through my 12 weeks live tweeting journey, my confidence with my online presence has grown substantially. I felt new-found confidence when gradually sharing more opinions online, something that I can acknowledge I initially thought I would dread for this subject. Overall, I also found it most enjoyable and important to gain further understanding of the representation and the realities of current and future digital cultures.




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