Am I getting any ‘beta’ at these comments?

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To be able to understand feedback entirely, it is essential to experience being the one who issues out feedback as well. Thus, bringing us here to analyse my second attempt at commenting on my peer’s blogs. The first time around, I realised, it was pointless to attach links to what we assumed to be relevant resources to the writer. From my experience, I found this more wasteful than helpful. So, I opted not to revolve my comments heavily around finding more information, but rather, attempted to critic the way the pitch was presented as well as the ideas presented within and what I thought might add to the utility of the digital artefacts. This approach I found was more rewarding, as I took added time to focus on things that may help them overall like ideas, rather than links.

“Iterations, Developments & Nova: Making my DA beta!”

Josh took the approach of making his pitches and digital artefact were accessible to peers but also the public, which I noted as a unique but smart way to approach this assignment. As we are encouraged to use hashtags to gain more traction to our blogs and posts, therefore, making sure the content presented is understandable to any viewer is essential. However, throughout his pitch, I did find it hard to follow through his sophisticated terminology. Therefore, I suggested the use of more straightforward language. Consequently, the audience reaching his work will be able to gain a better understanding. Notably, Josh went through a lot of effort to include and take on board previous feedback and clearly examined how he would incorporate those ideas into his final project.

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“I’ve been mildly concussed for two days but this is where I’m at”

Zoeya’s beta involved discussing her struggles within the time between her pitch to now. Regarding her struggles with a lack of motivation because of unexpected events, I suggested to her various ways to counteract or help her along to ensure she is following an efficient timeline and helping keep the drive up. Zoeya was unsure whether she preferred reading her podcasts off an established script or dot points and I suggested the latter, as it creates for a more conversational tone for the overall podcast. Additionally, I added some suggestions to involve the audience more and gain a more interactive overall experience, with the use of twitter polls asking for audience’s opinions and recommendations to clarify or chose a smaller sub-topic within her chosen topic for that’s weeks podcast, as 15 minutes would not seem like enough time.

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“UOW Digital Media Society”

Alex’s concept seemed well defined and developed. With a pre-existing social club, Alex’s intention behind his DA is to create a CDP for communication students to better prepare for future jobs. One thing I suggested is for him to consider making his CDA very accessible to the public as it not only something relevant to all people searching and applying for jobs. Additionally, I suggested that Alex to add a more personal touch to his final project by comparing what the future predicted roles will require in comparison to what they lack in the present.

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 5.47.58 pm

To conclude, although I found this task easier this time after previous experience under my belt. I think this experience is beneficial to develop a more conscious state when writing in the future and has enabled me to think and analyse other people’s work critically, and I hope the feedback I provided will be beneficial for my peers in the completion of their DA’s.

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